Mountain Heir Media team is available for projects based in Western North Carolina and around the world. Please do not hesitate to inquire about projects abroad!


Ask about our Biographical Documentaries - the perfect way to preserve and share the legacy of yourself or someone you love.


Professional HD Video Cameras

Drone Videography

GoPro Videography

Professional Audio Equipment

Skilled Audio Technicians & Editors

Professional Lighting

Music Production & Direction

Visionary Cinematographers 

 Photo & Video Editors

Voice-over Talent

Storyboards & Concept Development

Copy Writers

Graphic Designers

Marketing Strategy


We offer free 30min phone consultations to guage your needs and develop a quote.

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What to do after your video production is complete:

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Mountain Heir Media offers



Marketing Consultant Support 

Our consultants can do a competitive analysis on your company to see where your messaging has the most opportunities or pitfalls in your market. A media messaging campaign will be crafted through effective channels with a marketing schedule to ensure consistent engagement with your target demographics. This campaign will be measured and fine tuned to increase conversions. Your marketing budget for online advertising will be in addition to the monthly support rate, but we recommend starting with at least $1200/mo additional to support these packages, such as the publicity package below, which is different than paid advertising.


We will research & create an appropriate publicity database to promote your message. Pay for the writing of your press release and then per placement in magazine, radio, newspaper, blog and video platforms.

Website Design 

Our team can produce the perfect framework to engage your audience with video, interactive designs that capture and convert your visitors, all wrapped into your complete online marketing machine. Let us use the tricks and tools that work to create and educate your ideal customers.

Website Support

Our website support team is there to help with any new data that needs to be put up on your website, and ongoing changes to adapt to company needs and goals.